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Society for Medical Advance and Research with
Regression Therapy

Medical research using regression therapy is a special interest group in the Earth Association of Regression Therapy. It consists of medical doctors who share the vision to bring about the integration of complimentary and holistic approaches into medicine. It is involved with:

  • Conducting medical research using regression therapy
  • Raising the awareness of the effectiveness of regression therapy as a healing tool
  • Promoting regression therapy to the medical profession and the wider public.
  • Through research contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of regression therapy.

Medicine has its roots in Cartesian thinking that teaches that nature is divided into two independent realms, one for the mind and another for the body. As a result medicine is often practiced with the assumption that nature works according to physical laws and clinical phenomena and explained in mechanistic terms. By likening the workings of the human body to a machine constructed from several parts, sickness tends to be understood in terms of deranged function of individual body parts. This worldview unfortunately predisposes the practitioner to lose sight of the patient as a holistic being.

The term holistic implies that the patient is viewed in his totality rather than from the angle of a specific set of symptoms. This perspective is derived from a model of the interrelationship between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the patient. All humans are viewed as interacting dynamically with his or her environment. Each person is seen as a unified system rather than as a container for a body, a mind, emotions and a soul. At the same time, importance is placed on the interconnectedness between individuals and all of nature.

The holistic view emphasises health in terms of integration and harmony while illness is viewed as an opportunity for positive growth. More importantly healthcare is primarily a matter of the responsibility of the individual rather than the provider. The therapist functions as a facilitator of healing by mobilising innate healing capacities residing in the patient. Regression therapy is one example of a holistic therapy.


The first book has been published with chapters written by different medical doctors using regression therapy to go to the emotional source to resolve a problem unresponsive to traditional medical approaches.

See Inner Healing Journey - A Medical Perspective.

Earth Association of Regression Therapy Part of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

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