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Regression Therapy Associations

Earth Association of Regression Therapy - EARTh

This is a worldwide association of Regression Therapists and students from different training schools. It has created a single international standard in Regression Therapy, and by recognising schools that meet this standard created worldwide voluntary regulation. It has a directory of Regression Therapists and organises professional development programs and has an information exchange.
Website: http://www.earth-association.org

Regression Therapy World Congress

This is an opportunity to meet Regression Therapists from around the world, see live demonstrations, attend workshops and learn new techniques.
Website: http://www.regressioncongress.org

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association - SRTA

An international association of therapists having regression and past life training from the Past Life Regression Academy. It has a directory of Past Life Therapists and Regression Therapists and enables its members to keep in touch with each another and provides ongoing professional development workshops and social events.
Website: www.regressionassociation.com.

Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research - ARRR

An association based in India to further the research in past life regression and reincarnation founded by Dr. Newton Kondaveti.
Website: http://www.arrrglobal.org