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Application for membership is by invite from an existing member. For more information or submitting an application form email Andy Tomnlinson regressionacademy@gmail.com.

The society has three types of members:

  • Medical Members - Medical doctors usually a specialist or consultant in a particular medical area who may lead research activities.
  • Research Members - Professionals involved in the medical research. Those using regression therapy will work the standards set by the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.
  • Support and Benefactor Member – Those that help the society achieve its purpose rather than be personally involved in research projects.
The society has a board to manage the society on behalf of its members consisting of:
  • President - Andy Tomlinson
  • Vice President - open
  • Secretary - Karen Stemkens
  • Financial Director - Dr. Sueli Simoes
  • Public Relations Director - Dr Peter Mack
Each area of research will have a committee led by a chairman.

Medical Members

Name Specialisation Email Country
Sueli Simoes Ex Gynaecologist / Obstetrician Homeopath, Regression Therapist cidasim@gmail.com Portugal
Karin Maier-Heinle Internal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture and Regression Therapist. kmh@tmco.de Germany
Peter Mack General surgery, Regression Therapist dr.pmack@gmail.com Singapore
Maria Angelina Pereira Psychiatrist, Regression Therapist maria.angelina.p@gmail.com Portugal
Moacir Alberto Rodrigues de Oliveira Physiatrist - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Regression Therapist moacirfilho@oi.com.br Brazil
Mário Simões Psychiatrist, Regression Therapist noonauta@gmail.com Portugal
João Pais Psychiatrist, Regression Therapist joaomfspais@gmail.com Portugal
Sérgio Werner Baumel Neurologist, Regression Therapist sergiobaumel@gmail.com Brazil
Clara Pinho Psychiatrist, Regression Therapist bclarapinho.ariadne@gmail.com Portugal
Natwar Lal Sharma Paediatrics and Child Health drnatwar@gmail.com India
Soumya Rao Psychiatrist, Regression Therapist soumyaraop@gmail.com India
Rafael Melsert Internal Medicine rafaelmelsert@gmail.com Brazil
Maria Salgado General surgery mcrsalgado@yahoo.com Portugal

Research Members

Name Specialisation Email Country
Andy Tomlinson Psychologist, Regression Therapist trainer regressionacademy@gmail.com UK
Reena Kumarasingham Psychologist, Regression Therapist trainer reena@divineaspect.com UK

Support and Benefactor Member

Name Specialisation Email Country
Carlo Seberich Cardio Surgeon, psychotherapist seberich@tiscali.it Italy
Karen Stemkens                                                 kbroeders1@home.nl Netherlands