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Regression Therapy Books

Past lives and regression therapy books by medical members of the Society for Medical Advance and Research.

Inner Healing Journey - A Medical Perspective - (ed) Dr. Peter Mack

Medical Regression Therapy Books The book has chapters written by different medical doctors using regression therapy to go to the emotional source to resolve a problem unresponsive to traditional medical approaches. During the therapy, stories that appear to be “past lives” emerge and the book describes how they have helped in the healing process. Each chapter tells its own story to make it an absorbing read for the medical professional and general reader alike.

The stories are incredibly inspiring and healing with a powerful impact. I highly recommend this book to those who want to make positive changes in themselves. Shirley Tay, Holistic Therapist and Teacher.

It offers clear explanations on how regression therapy works by going to the root of the problem, and is vividly illustrated by various case studies. It is a must-read for all healthcare professionals and therapists in holistic healing. Wendy Yeung, Holistic Therapist.

Healing Deep Hurt Within - Dr. Peter Mack

Regression Therapy Books Peter is a medical member and doctor with a regression therapy practice in a Singapore hospital. This regression therapy book narrates how he guided a hospital patient through an intense healing journey from the abyss of despair to the freedom from disabling symptoms. Written as an inspiring story its filled with descriptions of emotional turmoil and stunning revelations during the recovery process. Intertwined with the story are insights into the regression therapy techniques, Peter's reflections of the profound life-changing journey.

The drama is overwhelming. There is a sense of liberation after reading it. Leong Saw Wei, Managing Director.

I couldn't put the book down and finished reading it in 3 hours! It has been almost a week and I can still feel the 'effect' the book has on me. Swan Ang, Management Trainer

Life Changing Moments in Inner Healing - Dr. Peter Mack

Regression Therapy Books
This is Peter's second regression therapy book. It's about four of his patients and describes how he assist in their rapid healing. They came with a variety of symptoms including insomnia, fearful dreams, water and snake phobia, deja vu, procrastination, rage, loss of memory, fear of success, fear of public speaking and unexplainable pain.

A life-changing book, highly recommended. Theresa Chee, Healer.

The past life stories are fascinating, in fact addictive. Wendy Yeung, Holistic Therapist.

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